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The Pentagon Coalition

Saving the World on the Pinnacle Server

Pentagon Heroes Coalition



December 30th, 2012

Community Locked

coh lj
Due to the closure of City of Heroes and recent issues with spambots on LiveJournal, I am locking this community to new posts and new members. Existing posts will remain for posterity.

I am making an effort to remove any and all spambot messages from the community. If you are aware of any on old posts that you made to this community and are for any reason unable to remove them, please let me know.

January 5th, 2008

The community info page listed someone to contact for membership in each supergroup in the coalition. This is a good idea, but the characters listed were for the vestigal Infinity groups. I'd like to add Pinnacle contacts, and update the Infinity ones if people feel they're still warranted.

So please speak up if you'd like to be the contact person for one of the individual SGs, on either server. You don't necessarily have to be a top-ranking member in-game, but you definitely need to be able to invite (which you all should anyway, really). The contact list will include your member character's name and your global.
For some reason, Lieutenants aren’t allowed to invite new members to Remote Control. I assume that’s an oversight, could someone please change it when you have a chance?

Also, the reference to the Infinity server on the community-info page for coh_pentagon should probably be updated to Pinnacle when someone has the time.

December 11th, 2007

Pinnacle bases

Officer Friendly
I'll be the first to admit that I have no talent for base design. A successful design for me is 9 rooms with teleporters, energy, control, medical and storage. How it looks doesn't even vaguely matter to me. That said, I know that others really do like to design a visually pleasing as well as functional base. Now that we have enough prestige and, I'm assuming, salvage to put together solid bases for each of the Pinnacle SGs, who's be willing to design them? Any volunteers, or are our bases going to end up looking like East German prisons?

November 30th, 2007

All of the groups are up and running. We need to get coalition links between a few of them, but mostly it's good to go. If no one has an objection, I'm going to advertise it on the city_of_heroes comm.

November 29th, 2007

Tonight, a bunch of fresh faced Heroes of Pinnacle braved the dangers of Galaxy City and took on the forces of the Hellions, the Clockwork, and the occaisional Zombie infestation.

Here we see a scene typical of such serious endeavors.

We take our work very seriously.Collapse )

November 28th, 2007

I was wondering what people might think about moving the Pentagon Coalition to a server besides Infinity? I rarely see folks on in it, and it's certainly not as active as Pentacle. I think one reason for that may be that people's character slots on Infinity are largely eaten up by Pentacle characters, leaving few slots for Pentagon ones. This translates into folks playing blueside on other servers most of the time, which leaves fewer to team with blueside on Infinity, which means that more people abandon their Infinity heroes, etc. I know this is true for me; initially, I had five heroes and 7 villains on Infinity, and then as it became harder and harder to find Pentagon teams and easier and easier to find Pentacle ones, I kind of just started deleting heroes. I have one scrapper left on Infinity, and he's barely touched. Last time I looked at the rosters, they were pretty light on characters, too.

All that said, I think the Pentagon coalition is good idea. However, I think moving it to another server, or at least creating a second coalition on another server and seeing how that one does wouldn't be a bad idea. What say you all?

October 25th, 2007

Okay, tomorrow night will be our first Pentagon Teamup night. We'll do some trick-or-treating, some missions, whatever we feel like. I know some of you are planning new toons with Issue 11; we can try to get their costume salvage in advance.

I've added this and the next two teamups to the CoX LJ Google Calendar (which is also linked in this comminuty's sidebar, for future reference).

I set the time as 8pm-1am Eastern, but essentially, whenever I can get on, I'll be playing my Pentagon toons. It's almost impossible for me to make it on before 10pm, unfortunately. Would anybody like to volunteer to get the ball rolling before then?

October 19th, 2007

Hi everybody. Since quasadu has gone to the Americans dark side pretty much exclusively, he's passed the reins of this community to me. Huzzah! I hope we can turn this good idea into something we can all be excited about.

To get things rolling, I'd like to suggest a rotating Pentagon Teaming Day schedule. Something like, say, every 10 calendar days, any of us who can make it team together for the evening. What do you think of this idea?

On the one hand, an odd interval like ten days is harder to remember than "every Thursday" or something similar. It's also guaranteed to collide with every other group you're in, sooner or later. But it also means that nobody gets left out permanently because of a schedule chosen by poll results.

Of course we can go with a longer interval, too; I know most of you are as alt-laden as I am. :) So whatcha think?

November 27th, 2006

If anyone is paying attention, you might notice that the Blast Radius base has been almost completely gutted. After paying the rent today, I went in to try to fiddle with it and see if I could work in a second teleporter. Well, in the editting process I started getting the problem where certain items would be placed but then not show up in normal play mode. On top of that, I discovered a hovering ramp in the middle of a room that showed up in play mode (and you could only see it, not touch it) but did not show up in Edit mode, so I couldn't delete it. To make things worse, when I deleted the room it was in in the hopes that would solve the problem, the hovering ramp moved to a different room. The only way to get rid of it completely was to delete every room in the base and start fresh.

We didn't have much in storage (just a little salvage, which I made sure to grab before deleting the rack) so we didn't lose much that can't be replaced... just the salvage I used to build the two teleporters. I restored all the other functional items in the base, but didn't have enough salvage to build a new teleporter.

So, the base is still there, with storage, basic worktable, and working infirmary; but that's it. I didn't redecorate and we don't have the teleporter back yet. I'll get on it and fix it soon, but if you have a blaster with some salvage, drop it off in the base storage to help out with building a new teleporter.

Oh and it turns out that I couldn't manipulate the numbers well enough to make a second 'porter work yet... we need about another 150-200k prestige, minimum, before we can build the energy and control rooms and get rid of the oversight center. So for now we'll still be stuck with the one 'porter to Steel and Talos, once it's rebuilt.
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